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Data Contributed

DescriptionMetrics on the absolute concentrations of major harmful atmospheric pollutants (NO2, PM10, PM2.5, O3) in over 430 cities worldwide, as well as forecast data. Includes Plume Index (AQI) relating pollution levels to their effects on human health. In general, includes pollutant, zone, latitude, longitude, timestamp, value_upm, value_pi.
RegionGlobal - upwards of 430 cities in more than 60 countries worldwide.
TimeReal-time information for the current hour and 24 hours in the future. Historical data not provided.
GranularitySpatial Resolution: City-wide. Temporal Resolution: Hourly.
Data StructureJSON
Access MethodAPI
Technical Documentation
Terms & ConditionsTBC

Plume Labs is a technology company that empowers individuals to lead healthier urban lives by tracking and reducing their exposure to air pollution.

In September 2015, we announced the launch of the Plume Air Report, a free mobile application for iPhone and Android that helps consumers beat air pollution by tracking and forecasting live air pollutant levels in more than 350 cities worldwide. Building on this success, a personal air sensor is in development, aiming to give individuals full control over their own pollution exposure metrics.

Our global atmospheric pollution API gives access to data, providing absolute concentrations for a range of the most important pollutants in terms of their impact on human health, as well as forecasting based on the latest data science technologies. Through these projects, we aim to make the air we breathe more transparent.