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Data Contributed

DescriptionSatellite imagery. The PlanetScope DN product is a band-aligned, 4-band multispectral image. Band combination being - blue, green, red, near-infrared.
Time2009 - Present
GranularitySpatial Resolution: 12-bit radiometric resolution; 4-band spectral resolution; 3 - 5m spatial resolution (ground sample distance). Temporal Resolution: Variable.
Data StructureGeoTIFF
Access MethodAPI (
Terms & ConditionsTBC
Founded in 2010 by a team of ex-NASA scientists, Planet is driven by a mission to image the entire Earth every day, and make Earth’s changes visible, accessible and actionable.Planet started as a small team of physicists, aerospace and mechanical engineers in a garage, using the cubesat form-factor to inform the first designs of the Dove satellite.Just three years after our first satellite entered space, we now operate the largest constellation of Earth-imaging satellites…ever. Our satellites are collecting a radical new data set with endless, real-world applications. Whether you’re measuring agricultural yields, monitoring natural resources, or aiding first responders after natural disasters,our data is here to lend businesses and humanitarian organizations a helping hand.Planet believes timely, global imagery will empower informed, deliberate and meaningful stewardship of our planet.